Included Monthly

Our designers will create a professional, branded graphic to promote on Facebook to a very specific demographic. We will determine the best campaign each month and track the analytics of the ad campaign. Each campaign has a specific call to action, such as attracting more page followers, driving traffic to your website and can include remarketing to people who have been to your website (called RETARGETING) This service requires an additional advertising budget paid directly to Facebook. We require a minimum spend of $50 total in ad spend per month.


What is retargeting?

Custom Audiences from your website are a powerful way for you to reach people on Facebook after they’ve visited your site. Adding code to your website will allow us to capture and build a custom audience of your website traffic.  It helps you reach customers who’ve already shown interest and re-engage them to make your ads even more impactful. After seeing your retargeted ads on Facebook, potential customers visit your site again to complete a conversion.



Website visitors who are retargeted with Facebook ads are 70% more likely to convert on your Website.